How to Repair Garage Door Cable

Having Difficulties With Your Garage Door? Here’s a Quick Guide to Repair Your Garage Door Cable

The object of a garage is to ensure the safety of your stuff locked inside. A faulty door can be stressful and will probably keep you distracted. A true focus can only be obtained with a complete sense of security whether it’s your home or kids or a car. If anything is exposed to some sort of risk, then you can’t pay attention to anything else. So, stop thinking about How to repair garage door cable and just pick up a few tools and follow this simple guide.

If you have decided to do it yourself then it is recommended that you first take good safety measures before approaching the garage. Put your safety gloves on, vice grips, and a step ladder. Now you are ready, and you have equipped yourself with basic safety.

Follow the simple steps below to do a repair

Cable Inspection

The first thing you should do is to inspect the cable thoroughly and look if it is damaged. If you find a problem, then it has to be replaced, but first, inspect the cable track as well. If the cable has taken damage by traveling on a faulty track, then track also needs a repair.  

Detaching the cable

Shift your garage door to the manual control and then detach the door control, after that lift your heavy door and fix it with vice grips. Once you have done that, now unhook the garage door cable and take it out and make a note about all the passages through pulleys.

Cable Dimensions Thickness and length

Always inspect the cable dimensions before installing, compare it with the new cable or simply check your door manual for technical details and compare it with the details of new cable. Then bend and fix it with the hooks to fit on the door.

Replacing the cable.

To fit the cable with garage, pass it through the pulleys and adjust the hooks over the door and the horizontal pulley has to be fixed with the spring at the end of the track. Now, reconnect the gate control and move your door up and down manually after you have removed the vice grips. If it works smoothly, then you are good to go and connect the electricity cable. 

Call for Help

If all the above passages are too difficult to follow or you don’t have your safety kit with you then it is best for you to call for professional help. They’ll help you out.

Repair Garage Door Cable